is nottingham a good university

But I was helped through the hard parts by my local collegues and the staff. The facilities are amazing, 8 libraries is so useful to me because it keeps my studies fresh being in different learning environments from day to day. Beautiful campus with lots of student support. It has gave me many opportunities to advance in life as an independent person and it has prepared me for the change from student to a working citizen. The university experience has proven to be challenging. I don't actually know anything about the careers service. The University of Nottingham do not do Ocean, like Trent do. Costa, Starbucks and the rest of the more higher priced coffee and sandwich places can really chip away at a students bugdet. The university has not given us enough information about applying for nursing jobs and jobs outside of nottingham. An amazing campus with great facilities. I would definitely recommend visiting the University of Nottingham, because once you see and feel it for yourself, you cannot forget such an amazing experience! The Wifi is very fast and can be accessed easily on all campuses and even on Hopper buses between campuses. Nottingham University rocks. You won't regret studying at UoN. I would rate the content of the course a 5 star but the delivery maybe a 3 star. The university is fantastic, has fantastic staff and facilities to help you learn. 01/12/2020. Amazing! Great support programmes in place for those who require it. There are a huge variety of things to get involved in. Hopper buses help, but the campus is still a good 30 minutes walk from one end to the other. Really nice campus as well! Great gym, Loved every minute! Newark Hall is the worst managed hall. The city is also full of life . As a international student.The Nottingham University provides me a standard apply way. Love my uni, couldn't ask to be anywhere better! And they really support wellbeing- their staff are so understanding. Nottingham is really fun, the Hall setup is so social in first year and second year housing is great too. The graduate outcomes for the University of Nottingham show that six months after leaving university, 98% of graduates are in work or further study. There are always events going on on the campuses. Also more importantly the people are nice here. We'll send you an email so that you can verify your free account. Great education as most the lecturers I've been to have been informing as well as entertaining and most lectures are recorded. Very good facilities, the library is especially great is you are a science or engineering student. Library facilities are greAt but food in halls is appalling. The best Cities and Towns to be a Student. deaddddddddd ting man dead ting i swear to god. Start Term. City is great addition to campus. Beautiful campus and great facilities. QS WUR By Subject Ranking. I am a first year Nutrition and Dietetics student here at the University of Nottingham and so far I have absolutely loved being here! Amazing university! Obviously, I don't expect to be spoon fed at level 7. It's an amazing uni, no regrets whatsoever. Have yet to need to use the careers service but from what I hear it's good. My halls are great and my flatmates are honestly the best part of my uni life. There's so many events ran by the university and by the students union. This univeresity is the biggest catfish I have ever seen. It also lacks a student union club when Nottingham Trent has a very good student union club. Loved it so much I came back for more. Wonderful campus, amazing range of societies - you’ll fall in love with Nottingham in no time! Love the campus, made great friends and the social side in 1st year couldnt have been any better. Beautiful campus, excellent facilities. Love University of Nottingham!! This uni is something really special. Great university, proud to tell people I study here! Amazing place really. With far too many societies to join even half of the ones that seem interesting and a great SU to back them, I would definitely recommend Nottingham to anyone looking for a University. A microwave in each school would be useful. Unreasonably expensive however for those wishing to join sports societies. The campuses are stunning, the teaching is excellent, the people are wonderful. All in all, toss uni. A lot of career opportunities including interviews, career talks, internships and many more! The best three years of my life - Notts is a great university with something for everyone and the ideal student town. I love Nottingham uni. Come to Notts for the all rounded experience! As soon as you walk onto Uni of Notts campus you’ll be struck by the vast amount of greenery and gardens that are around you. The university programme will be run by competent staff members and its what you bring to the table that will make the experience worthwhile or not. I will never ever forget this experience. I am a big fan of Nottingham, great city, great course, great campus. Department. The campus is gorgeous, our SU is dedicated, the sports clubs are INSANE. The campus is beautiful, there are many contact hours and loads of opportunities to learn about research and postgrad education. University is very big and staff is very friendly. SU is great and enjoyed my time here. The campus wifi has great coverage but can be a little slow at times. Lovely city. From my experience as a former Postgrad, it is one of the best Universities in the UK. Certainly shouldnt have dropped that far down the rankings, The best environment for student to study, It is a great time and there is tons of stuff to do. Wide range of clubs and societies to get involved with. All services at the university fab, and have made my whole uni experience more bearable, Brilliant facilities , hopper bus is good to get around. Great place. Excellent place, having an amazing time, some issues with timetabling but otherwise perfect. The best campus environment and course opportunities. But yeah it's totally worth every single comment. Decent facilities around and everything is generally in good condition. The jubilee campus is modern and smaller so is more communal.There's a variety of clubs, but they can be expensive. University of Nottingham Malaysia rankings and reviews. I don't understand how anyone can really give lower than 4 or 5* for clubs and societies, their is something for everyone and they are organised and manged very well. It gets very very messy. Need better notes given out because the handouts rip very easily in the current form. First off the accommodation and halls are great for freshers. The TEF panel judged that the University delivers consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. Excellent university - Having an SU club would improve it, Everything about this uni and city is AMAZING! Really good, halls could be advertised better and have self catered on campus, but the site is very good, Very nice campuses, a lot of support from staff, hundreds of societies to join, Great uni, beautiful campus and great atmosphere with students. Nottingham city centre is a walk/bus ride away and is a great place to shop, hang out and eat. Show 186 Results . The University of Nottingham has a beautiful campus, excellent staff and a vibrant student community. One of the most beautiful campuses and extraordinary support from the staff. You spend £££ just to play sports! I suffered quite a bit from the pressure I put myself under, but the university has been very supportive of that :), more of a club/bar atmosphere needed in the evening. Clubs and societies could do more to engage students, but they are all incredibly welcoming - same could be said for the students union. Nottingham is home to plenty of employers, and offers particularly good opportunities in areas such as life sciences, engineering, digital media, finance, business consulting, retail and leisure. Unbelievable campuses, very good students union and career services are second to none. Great campus with very modern buildings the university always tries to modernate adding extra facilities eg. If you are from a big city and enjoy city life, don’t come to Nottingham. All in all, wouldn’t change my experience for the world! Welfare and feeling like part of a community is very good. University of Nottingham. But at this scale is also easy to let it all pass you by. This uni decided to spend £1 million on a new set of steps and a water feature but refuses to pay lecturers the wage they deserve. Buildings that are on campus are not very attractive, in particular the ones in the science park area. There are a wide variety of food options including vegan and halal. It’s a fantastic university and I have really enjoyed my time here. The campus is environmental and very beautiful. Teaching is also excellent and all the professors are very friendly and approachable. Studying my MA here and I graduated at another uni so UoN is all very new. Resources seem to be abundant, but there is a lack of communication between professors and the student services, possibly because of their switching to a new data system. First year halls on campus are catered and expensive. Each campus has great facilities, but it would be better if it was all on one campus. I guess after they let the clubs out any city is unsafe. 19th July 18. halls food a bit rubbish. The university is amazing. However, don't be surprised if you are randomly forced to move halls 3 times in 2 days for no reason, if staff makes you waste your own money due to their incompetence, etc. Great accomodation and teaching facilities a good distance from town. Especially when I have trouble to use them ,there will always be someone to help me. Mooch/The Den bars aren't particularly appealing, but the food is good and the atmosphere is always good. I am genuinely really enjoying my experience here. The community of University of Nottingham is incredible! Proper good uni, great night life. Distance. Really well organised freshers week. not much experience with careers service, but job page is regularly updated & it is easy to make an appointment with them, Great place to learn, the course that I am currently doing is hectic but the staff is very helpful. The campus is lovely and there's a free hopper bus between campuses which is great. Beautiful campus, lots of fully renovated study space, excellent student support and limitless number of extracurricular activities. The main university campus is gorgeous and open and green, with all the main facilities and buildings within walking distance of each other. The University of Nottingham is a Russell Group and Universitas 21 university with a global reputation for teaching and research, ranked in the world’s top 100 and UK top 20 universities in the QS World University Rankings 2021.. Such a great University! I currently study architecture and though it is a very demanding course it is good at the teaching materials,especially studio. FEES. The halls was a little expensive for the quality of food you get but this was expected, the food could be a lot worse and some meals were nice. Very good place,Very good place,Very good place,Very good place, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Good experience this year. 180 mins; More episodes. My first year here has been a pleasure and I can’t wait for the years that follow. The campus is beautiful with on-site health care centre and dentist. The facilities are absolutely outstanding, and the campus is the most beautiful university campus I have seen in my life. Fantastic university but I wish the wifi was slightly better. The beautiful and well-facilitated campus makes it a great environment to not only flourish academically, but socially as well. The university has amazing views, the campus is beautiful. Very pretty university, great nightlife and social uni. For a city that is often eclipsed by the likes of Bristol or Leeds, I’d preach that you don’t have to end up at Ocean (the home of cheese) or Crisis (Uni of Social night) to enjoy yourself.. Great university, highly recommend. The University of Nottingham is consistently ranked among the world's top 100 universities (QS World University Rankings). Nottingham Civic Exchange is leading Good Work Nottingham with partners from across the country and the region. Another noteworthy Nottingham institution is the Queen’s Medical Centre. They lost one of my feedback coursework, they missed me off enrolment for my THESIS MODULE (I nearly missed the information about the proposal deadline and access to the form), and the change of module process is ridiculous, leading me to miss lectures. New gym is amazing and the grounds don't compare to any other uni. Food here is great; such a range. Honestly, I’m so glad I came here- I will hopefully leave with a good education, positive memories and an improved mental health. Wifi and facilities are goood. Read International student reviews for University of Nottingham Malaysia as well as it’s rankings. Lectures are well structured with lots of links for resources. The university has a gorgeous campus with lecturers and professors that are keen to help. Amazing campus, staff are really friendly and always willing to help, Such a lovely place to be with so much going on and green spaces make it have a great atmosphere when you want to relax outside of going out or working, The campus is absolutely stunning- so much green space, beautiful buildings both historical and new. I have loved every minute at this university. The campus is too large and inefficient, but the facilities and services provided are plentiful, and it's a nice place to be. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, so much green space and the lake is perfect to have a walk around after a stressful week. Great university with large and very active Students Union. Nottingham has a very good nightlife and wonderful facilities. Variaty of clubs to choose from. There’s lots of opportunities to seek help in your course or in your future career aspirations. The campus is beautiful and full of nature. Excellent university with great facilities. There is such a wide variety of societies to join and the campus is beautiful. Campus wifi is very tempromental. To top it off you'll be getting an education from one of the best uni's in the world at a absolutely beautiful campus. Plus, the workload expected from each lecturer is different, even on the same module. Great here, help me with keeping my room. Not perfect by any means (I think it probably varies course-wise — mine are pretty naff with communicating certain things) but the community here is like no other. It was the first British university to establish a campus in Malaysia, in 2000, and the first foreign university to … But this does not beat going out to the many clubs and societies that Nottingham has to offer with the great people that I've met whilst studying at Nottingham. Very good teaching in the geography department. All data is based on UCAS standard definitions. The University of Nottingham is a public research university in Nottingham, United Kingdom.It was founded as University College Nottingham in 1881, and was granted a royal charter in 1948.. Nottingham's main campus (University Park) with Jubilee Campus and teaching hospital (Queen's Medical Centre) are located within the City of Nottingham, with a number of smaller campuses and … Just no student union club, good facilities, my needs are catered for. I loved every minute of my time at Nottingham. UoN prioritises money over students. Sometimes, you have to do an overbearing amount of prep and other times none at all. Back. It's a shame all events are so heavily ticketed at the university. The University of Nottingham has 32,000 students and Nottingham Trent University has 25,000. If you are a student at UoN and want help from Student Services simply do not bother and attempt to resolve it yourself. According to the 2017 High Fliers survey, Nottingham University was the seventh most targeted university by UK top employers between the periods of 2016 and 2017. Never dreamed of it to be so great. the Student service is usually not very supporting but all in all great experience! Made amazing friends and also adore my course. University of Nottingham; Nottingham Trent University Nottingham has everything in regards to facilities and academic rigor. On the topic of nightlife though, Nottingham as a city has a lot more to offer than one might think. The university’s foundations lie in University College Nottingham, a constituent college of the University of London set up in 1881, which was then granted its own Royal Charter in 1948. Brilliant university - excellent English School and gorgeous campus with great facilities. The student union is a bit underwhelming and I’m not entirely sure what they’ve done! Average range for University of Nottingham entry requirements. My tutor is lovely aswell as my welfare officer! There are many societies to take part in and the societies have a very large range- you can literally find a society for anything. Massive university park with easy public transport. Going to Nottingham was the best experience of my life, the academic administration (e.g. My time at the University of Nottingham has been great so far. Moved to the UK from NZ, knowing no one, and with the great infrastructure of societies and residences I was able to settle in. Fantastic University with a great night life and a great vibe. timetabling) was sometimes questionable but as a university I loved every minute. 2 amazing campuses in the UK with options to go to malaysia or china for a year to study abroad. Beautiful campus. So much better that loughborough by actually having a city but also green space. Being a student at the University of Nottingham is the best. Take a trip down memory lane in Hockley, just a couple of minutes' … Incredible facilities, an amazing campus that is continuously being developed. It has good facilities and there are a lot of supportive facilities when you need help with certain things, however the adequacy of the actual service I would say are mediocre as university students don’t really receive the definitive results they require. Nottingham is an great city (though there are parts you should avoid) and Uni of’s situation around 15 minutes bus from the centre of town makes its serenity ideal, with bus links directly into the centre of town easily accessible. Nottingham Trent University is probably the best decision I have ever made. best university campus and courses available, great experience, great campus and people. The Campus is beautiful and very green in most parts (and that’s coming from someone who lives in the beautiful countryside of Devon). It’s a bit further away from town but only a 10 minute walk or bus ride away from Business campus. They're modern, clean and the general community vibe and atmosphere is great. The SU is not a decent night out, apart from that the uni is pretty good. Friendly staff and brilliant students. The city contains everything you need to have a good time as well. Not to mention the other campuses that I also had to visit for exams throughout my time there. Very nice green campus with a large new sports centre, Thoroughly love my time at Uni, amazing campus and facilities, sports clubs are so engaging and everyone is lovely, This university is an absolutely brilliant place to be. The swimming pool could do with updating but the rest of the gym is great. University of Nottingham is a fantastic centre for further education. Nottingham Forest FC 'As good as anybody' ... Nottingham Trent University professor says it could take 4 months for over 50s and people with health conditions to be vaccinated. Lates on BBC Radio Nottingham. Ink and the union club are definitely on of the best nights out. The career service, partnered with Unitemps offers many new opportunities on campus through the year and establishes an easy to understand system for employers to connect with potential and current employees. The campus is so beautiful, very green, which is important to me and has Wallaton Deer Hall next door which is very grand and pretty! This is the latest available data, published by UCAS - 30th January 2020. There are lights everywhere and it is the kind of place where you don't feel uneasy about walking to the campus shop in the dark on your own. I love UoN for so many reasons, the campuses are very beautiful and there is so much to do on campus. WiFi was a bit hit and miss with it being really good in terms of where you can get it across campus but in terms of connection speed, it is not always the best. But the majority of the lecturers are unhelpful, taking ages to reply to emails or to simply not reply at all! I wasted three years of my life at the University of Nottingham. Excellent student facilities and union. Have really enjoyed first year, my accommodation is great but the food could be better. I've made so many friends from halls. The campus is amazing, so many opportunities for students. University Park is full of green spaces, trees and even a lake- its stunning all year round. Loads of clubs to go out in to allow for s great balance of fun and academics. The nightlife is unrivalled, with student nights every night of the week. The University of Nottingham has award-winning campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia, and hosts a global academic community in all 3 countries. The clubs and societies are endless and mostly very well run. The university is a great place to meet people and the campuses are beautiful. Facilities are amazing. I love the diversity of people and how welcome the university makes us feel. There are so many opportunities for students to further their studies as one of the worlds best research universities.

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