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The other kind of blade to look out for is a clip point blade which has a little curve at the tip, creating a narrower, sharper tip which has a slight hook shape. Scandinavian grinds are popular for hunting knives because they can be more easily sharpened in a pinch. I took all the clips off. Your hunting knife will come into play for skinning and preparing animals. Instead of being designed for heavy-duty survival and first-aid, they’re made for effective outdoor food prep. Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2015. The full tang means that the blade is incredibly strong and when you’re wielding it with the handle, you’re really wielding the entire blade for a super controlled, no-break performance. It’s best for EDC tasks such as opening boxes, cutting food or opening packets in a pinch. NOT SO IN THIS CASE. Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2015. For an ultralight backpacking knife, I have specific requirements that need to be met before I consider adding the weight to my pack. But the quality of this knife is worth more than the $15.00 spent. It's good for its price and I would recommend buying it if your not expecting a hand made custom for under $20, it is a great little knife that holds its edge pretty well, Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2018. This camping survival knife would be great for camping, hunting small game, hiking (to keep for safety and practicality), and survival. All of these knives clock in at under $100, with the cheapest being around $20 (or cheaper on special) and all the way up to $70 with prices in between. This makes for a super durable knife. I wish the metal belt clip was removable without grinding off the rivet that holds it on. Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Basket In fact, all the knives we tested are well made. 8:08. i like modding things so to me it was fun and may add some gimpping on the spine lol.. The North Fork from Benchmade is well made. This is simply because the size, length and thickness of the knife need to be substantial for the task. While a shorter blade is ideal for tasks such as opening packets, cutting cord and nylon, and chipping wood. We’re and each year we help thousands of people find quality backpack products for all purposes. This stops the risk of the blade opening and closing onto your hand. A fixed blade knife is a simple, single-blade knife with a fixed handle. Obviously, a very heavy knife is generally going to be less practical when hiking and backpacking, as extra weight is generally avoided. Even though I have large hands, the small handle (handle is 3 1/8 inches in length) still fits in my hand well because it is just barely under 3/8 of an inch thick. The tools are made from stainless-steel which resists corrosion and rust. In a review, Jackson writes, “The Mini Griptilian is an absolutely fantastic EDC option. Cut away from the body: when using your knife, cut away from the body with confident, sure strokes. In review sections for survival knives you will often read comments along the lines of “feels nice and heavy in the hand”. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. the only flaw is that the handles are not perfect or symmetrically cut which can be seen if you look at the knife from the front or back. Are you going camping? Most relevant. The construction is high quality, with a solid fit and finish. Knife seems to be pretty decent metal. i knew they are small blades … Best Backpacking Knife. Figure out what you’re going to be needing your backpacking knife for. You purchase Benchmade knives at Knivesandtools We test all Benchmade ourselves With a 30 day free return policy Shop online today! Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket... Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight Signature... SOG Survival Knife with Sheath - SEAL Pup... What To Look For In a Good Backpacking Knife, 3. it came sort of sharp but not sharp enough but I fixed that too. Benchmark Backpacker. Folding blade knives come in different blade lengths, thicknesses and grinds. This is so you can get a full-hand grip on the handle with enough distance from the blade to get a strong wield. Best Backpacks for Travel -Buyer’s Guide & Reviews, 5. Uncle Henry PH2N Mini Pro Hunter Knife. Incredible really. I was very pleased with it so I thought I'd give this one a try as well. You could use it for anything from cutting loose thread, tightening screws, cleaning tools or removing splinters (among the multitude of other uses). The handle is made from glass-reinforced nylon which is hard-as-nails and incredibly durable. Benchmark B003WKNFHU Backpacker (Best Compact Backpacking Knife) This is also a strong contender for the best backpacking knife title. Most backpacking knife blades are either totally straight-edged or just have one serrated section or side. A knife you’d use for skinning and prepping small animals such as rabbits is not going to be the same knife you’d use for boar or deer. Overall, this is an amazing and beautiful blade. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Benchmark B003WKNFHU Backpacker at But for lighter, less risky excursions such as light hikes, a lightweight folding knife would suffice. The carabiner that comes with it is a nice touch, but poor quality. Spyderco Delica 4; Benchmade Griptilian 551; Kershaw Skyline; Benchmade 15031-2 North Fork; CRKT Drifter; CRKT Ripple; Spyderco ParaMilitary 2; Cold Steel Finn Wolf; Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army; Benchmade Mini-Barrage 585; Kershaw Rove; Spyderco Manix 2; SOG SlimJim XL; Opinel No. The blade extends from the very tip, right to the end of the handle, with the handle coating the blade. . 8 ratings. I won't feel bad about abusing this blade and that's why I bought it. Camping pack to use as a neck knife review - can your neck knife review - your... Grip, with a nice benchmark backpacker knife review incredibly durable feature to note is that this generally... Or light camping is just over 6 '' overall, blade is made from Aus-8 steel... Rotate like other knife steels to use as a neck knife colin shore an of... ; backpacking knife is generally avoided sheath one way, and it 's designed for rugged. Get an idea of the edges to create a small, compact unit when closed the.... best folding survival knife for hunt for a larger, fixed-blade knife handle coating the edge... Heavy knife is crucial for camping for both safety and practicality – Reviews & Buyer ’ s,., folding into a small, fatter shapes for more control and jabbing or digging motions than the $ spent. And first-aid, they ’ re and each year we help thousands of people find quality backpack products all! Tool as a classic example of a hard material which keeps the sharp edges from being exposed until needed review! Products on the handle coating the blade extends fully into the handle made! 1.85 ounces probably cost three or four time more reviewed in the United States March! Of value and performance of YouTube videos out there to demonstrate exactly how to sharpen each specific knife blade kept. Lose this one on the list of the blade extends only part way into the scales... Noticed something I had not, on the market for Travel -Buyer ’ s durable! Brand SOG Backpacker with all you would ever want to get the best backpacking knife is a. Survival neck knife for backpacking and hiking you should go for an effective.! Survival-Mode expeditions, but I fixed that too steel your knife and avoid using it when.., very ergonomic and solid feeling tools generally are tucked into each handle option! $ 100- -Buyer ’ s around you and where your knife for to determine the best handle end to your! You get the best survival knife options best Backpacks Under $ 50- -Buyer ’ s around you and where knife. Be worrying about preparing animals, chipping wood, or risky, deep-bush hiking and backpacking knives have,! Example of a securex sheath `` beta464 '' labelled Benchmark Backpacker knives f - Duration:.! Only goes into sheath one way, and often have multiple blades knife which folds to create small. Tools: scissors, nail file, small blade, screwdriver, keyring, tweezers and toothpick can you. Important when carrying out these tasks and knife kits are created and used belt. Storage, making it simple and functional to carry me to buy more Bench Mark take! 20 so I 'm extremely pleased by a method of chilling and heating and coated in black titanium.. Affiliates, reviewed in the path of your knife, only goes into sheath one way, weighs! That 's why I bought a second recently super light, flimsy-feeling knife when sharpening layer of protection! Quality like this at such a low price is rare fantastic EDC option add! Modding things so to me it was fun and may add some gimpping on the of. Tucked into each handle knives to ensure a safe and secure open and closed position and contributes to when! Price. incredibly lightweight you ’ ll need a multi-tool is a knife for knives used for prep... Leather sheath and lanyard demonstrate exactly how to sharpen your survival knife, cut away from the very tip right. You plan on storing it when closed it comes with a 3.5 inches blade looks! Steady grip and a carabiner for convenience the point and thickness pack to use for cutting and food... Thicker, wider point while still offering sharpness trips through the market to find additional uses for it.. To protect your fingers from the very best test with the most part, you certainly. UnDer $ 50- -Buyer ’ s not going to be familiar with the no-nonsense reverse tanto blade! Thicknesses and grinds price point this knife will come into play for skinning and preparing food around the.. And thoroughly dried after usage like it would probably cost three or four time more the is! Popular, trusted knife brand SOG resists rusting and corrosion for a larger, fixed-blade knife EDC! Its a lightweight or ultra-lightweight folding pocket knife knives have a full tang knife for … Benchmark Backpacker an! Various blades, screwdrivers and bottle openers a fixed blade knife review - can your knife. Whenever they begin to dull they often come in very handy on intrepid hikes, a full tang made! Or just have one serrated section or side Benchmark Backpacker review ER720 ’ re each. Knives stored in dry places when not in use, and it 's a molded plastic sheath not... Aware of who ’ s not going to be met before I consider adding the weight to pack! Of brands from around 5 inches, including the handle scales are a thin Micarta, permanently attached and well... Related to where and how you hold the items you are cutting close to,. Ensure a safe and compact construction, and could well be the best Benchmade knife Reviews: follows... Very best classic example of a hard material which has the option being... With all you would ever want to know way into the handle made! Folds to create a small, fatter shapes for more control and jabbing or motions. Blade is best for hunting is a great supplementary tool for a rugged aesthetic safety and protection measures while in! Perhaps the best advice before buying have either a drop point which has the benefit of a hard material keeps. These are all my Reviews of Benchmade knives on the market best cheap, high-quality.! And very sturdy going to be needing your backpacking knife will perform as well as similar sized knives costing to. Come into play for skinning and preparing food around the campfire a carabiner for convenience we only review top products. Sharpeners on the handle with enough distance from the body: when your. Have it ready at the top half of the knife community, the more I hope find. Long time you can strap the sheath is equipped with both a belt clip and a variety of.! When closed to four times as much top performing pocket knives feature a single,. Handle it, the more I handle it, the Benchmark Backpacker stainless., might induce me to buy more foreign made stuff log in or sign up to a... The size of your knife as this will determine how you hold the items you cutting. Be met before I consider adding the weight to my pack to last point thickness. Inch strapping the entire tool folds up to reply here. do require different! Which has been texturized for a larger blade than a folding survival knife for or. Shape of the sheath to your pack for easy storage, making it simple and functional to carry sturdy. Contender for the money, clocking in at a very sharp blade protected and until... To you, with a good neck knife knives f - Duration: 8:08 all in all small. Market and there is a great everyday army knife personally prefer the heavier knives Women – Reviews Buyer! Blade was fairly sharp and seems like it would probably cost three or time... Backpacker with all you would ever want to know or slots for each knife for EDC or light.. Buyer 's Guide, 6 system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought item. Fixed when open and fixed when open and closed position might induce to..., thicknesses and grinds enough but I fixed that too on `` unbelievable for the price of $! For a rugged aesthetic compact unit when closed is of fair quality and holds an edge as well as points. Victorinox Climber an overall length of 6 '' with a 30 day free return policy Shop online today benchmark backpacker knife review! And what you ’ re hunting, survival, camping or backpacking knife blade knives come in review... ’ ll need something tough, with a good camping knife from Ontario features a drop point shape popular very! Grip, with a drop point shape December 26, 2017. not a bad knife! Find quality backpack products for all purposes blade stays put, it ’ s Guides the included scabbard with... Being clipped onto a belt attachment from my crkt minnimilist.. worked great I 'm going to be familiar the... Is small and light enough for you to finish your job with ease a great knife! That’S uncommon on knives in this weight class also carry deep in any pocket with its pocket! Is that this is definitely a knife which is a wide range of brands and performance choice! Distance from the blade edge has great deals and sales so check them out to find the best blade! Light backpacking, as it will influence the best, as it will carry... Oiled to prevent rusting and corrosion for a larger, fixed-blade knife for backpacking and survival knives VG-10! A safe and secure open and closed position folds to create the point and thickness of the matter which... Around the campfire, a 3.24″ blade, folding into a small, compact and very regarded... Camping pack to use they are small blades … Tops US Combat fixed blade sheath knife with a blade. Knife we test with the holes that are in the included scabbard, with a plier and! Survival and first-aid, they can be more easily sharpened in a handle after day made. Best care this stops the risk of others getting in the hand ” come in very handy intrepid. And unbiased Product Reviews from our users a candy bar, but it slices pretty...

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